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Women of Wellness is truly dedicated to our patients & members, & we care about your success. Please share about your experience with W.O.W. by sending us an email through the "Contact Us" link.

I started the program about two weeks ago. I am so excited because I've lost 8 pounds already. I am not eating all day anymore. I eat less, but less of the wrong foods. I take in more fruit and vegetables and less fast food. I don't miss any meals and I have more energy than before. I walk about 3 to 4 times a week for 30 minutes either on my treadmill or at the park (depends on weather). I want to thank you for your encouragement and for providing so much information. I shared this website with a friend. -K.P., age 34.

Women of Wellness has helped me tremendously! I went into the facility because I found out about it from a friend. I was so excited to have a place that was full service (nutritional advice, medicines, and gym), but exclusive...women only! Everyone that worked there or came in was a woman. It was fantastic, because there was no pressure. Everyone there has been in that same place, felt the same thing, and can tell you how they thought that is was impossible... so much hard work. It was very encouraging. On my first visit, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was so excited by the plush waiting room, and before and after photos to show me that I could do it too. The best part, I found out I had an underlying health issue. My blood pressure was dangerously high! The staff was so concerned they had me coming back for about 2 weeks to check on it. After 2 weeks, it was still too high. I went to see my regular physician and discovered I was going to have to start taking medicine to regulate it. Now I've got it under control, have lost about 40 pounds, and am still excited to return each month and track my progress. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that after maybe 25 more pounds, I won't have the problem with my blood pressure anymore. Women of Wellness not only gave me my confidence back, but may have very well saved my life. I can't say enough good things about them, or how they helped changed my way of life. -A.W., age 25

Over the years I have struggled with trying to lose weight only to gain it back again.The older I became, the more difficult it seemed to lose weight.I had joined various gyms over the years always unhappy with my results all the while watching my blood pressure and cholesterol numbers creeping.Then I joined W.O.W.!W.O.W. has made positive changes in my life that I did not think were possible.Not only have I lost enough weight to drop two sizes, but my blood pressure and cholesterol numbers started dropping.I am now off of my blood pressure and cholesterol medicines.I would not have been able to accomplish this without the education and support that I receive at W.O.W.–C.S., age 48

There are not enough words to express how WOW has changed my life, but I'll try. I was seeing results from a friend and I wanted them too; but was hesitant to begin.I had tried everything, every plan, every pill and nothing gave lasting results. Nothingeducated me or kept me encouraged. While I might have seen short term success, nothinglasted. I knew I needed a change - with encouragement from others, I went - and it was the beginning to a "new life". The staff is not only friendly, encouraging and supportive,(the things we need more of in this world) - they are also informative. There is so much

information they have to share (a lot is posted all around) that helps you make small changes that make big differences. Following that, in 3 short months I have lost 21lbs.I have a boost of energy,confidence and strength. The best part is…it's just the beginningbecause now I have the fever! I am encouraged that my lifestyle is changing, which will lead to a lifetime of success - no more rollercoasters. So, I hope to offer encouragementto you, as others did for me. Don't let hesitation get in your way - come and be a part ofa Women Only Workout where we have fun getting fit! -T.D., age 44